Highest-Quality Silk

100% pure 22-momme long fiber (6A+) mulberry silk.

Eco-Friendly & Non Toxic

Certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Satisfaction Guarantee

30-nights to try it out or return it for a full refund, so you can truly rest easy!

What Makes Silky Dreams So Special?

Anti-Aging & Moisture Retention

Waking up with creases on your face, overall redness, and a lackluster complexion will result in compounded wrinkles in a traditional pillowcase. But with Silky Dreams, think again! Let those expensive serums and moisturizers go to work overnight while sleeping with your Silky Dreams pillowcase.

What Is So Bad About Your Cotton Or Ordinary Pillowcase?

Traditional cotton and other ordinary pillowcases can hold nasty bacteria, irritate the epidermal layer, and dry up all of your skin's natural moisture. i.e., big breakouts, blemishes, dry skin, and tired eyes. With a Silky Dreams silk pillowcase, your night's sleep will be a soothing and gentle environment for your skin to naturally boost, repair, fix and revitalize. It is like a trip to the spa every single night!

Is Your Haircare Suffering? Breakage Is Not The Standard!

Goodbye Hair Damage

Your hair is one of your proudest features! Keep it that way by protecting its glow, its shine, and its natural moisture! Cotton pillowcases cause friction, tangled up messes, and microscopic damage that eventually becomes a full-blown nightmare. Even professional hairstylists recommend and prefer silk pillowcases for their unanimously impactful benefits! You will wash your hair less, keep styles in place, and never have you worried about the dreaded bed head again!

Dermatologist Recommended

Cotton causes chaos. Silk = less friction, less dirt, more good feelings. Our clients suffering from acne or skin imbalances will see a significant increase in their overall skin health with a Silky Dreams Pillowcase. Doctors orders!

Silky Dreams is Cooling While You Sleep...

Tempature Regulating

Did you know your body changes temperature throughout the night? Silky Dreams is temperature regulating, so you will never have to toss and turn again. The refracting infrared and heat balancing technology will allow your body to stay cool, calm, and collected through each sleep cycle!

Nighty Night Allergies!

Cotton pillowcases are the base camp for allergens, dust, mold, and mites. Not a fun combo for a good night's sleep. Silk, a godsend, is naturally hypoallergenic and allows you to wake up revitalized, clear, and have open sinuses, eyes, and a vision of your future! Expect to wake up less puffy, muffled, and cranky. Silk will slide all your problems to the side. Making for smooth skin, supple cheeks, and a healthy set of lungs.

"Pillow Talk"