☁️ Did You Know We Spend One-Third of Our Life Sleeping? 
We believe a good place to start with our ‘beauty routine’ is the place we spend one-third of our life, our bed. Wouldn’t you want to spend one-third of your life sleeping on the most luxurious fabric known to mother earth?
☁️ We Hope to Give Meaning & Purpose to Your Beauty Sleep. 
At our core, our true passion is self-care, relaxation, and preservation of our natural beauty. So, we created a simple solution that provides a huge impact on our aging process. Simple and natural solutions are always best especially when it comes to our beauty.
☁️ We Want to Inspire You.
We believe beauty comes in all forms and we want you to feel beautiful in your natural bare skin. Our silk works around the clock for you and provides a wide range of beauty benefits while you sleep. We believe you won’t want to sleep with anything else after you experience the difference in your delicate facial skin and lay your head on our one-of-a-kind silk.
☁️ We Care for Our Planet.
We are ambitious with our goals and hold environmental accountability close to our heart. We enforce fair workplace practices and ensure we do our part by conducting thorough compliance audits.
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® means your pillowcase was tested for harmful substances in compliance with globally consistent test criteria that considers different ways a substance can be absorbed into the body, including through skin contact and respiration. We ensure a high level of safety from harmful substances in your Silky Dreams products.
We would never sleep on a textile that is not tested for harmful substances and we certainly would never allow the same for you. Each product has a tag or card inside your packaging with a special code for you to validate your test. 
☁️ Made with Love & Passion
Each piece we create is designed with a lot of love and thoughtful passion. Silky Dreams entire business model is built on having a customer-centric mindset so we can provide only the best customer experience to you. We want you to feel good about your investment, so we only produce products that we love and use ourselves.
We are confident that we are far more superior in quality and customer experience than others because we spend thousands of countless hours prototyping & testing our products by comparing Silky Dreams to what is in the marketplace. 💜
We are a woman-owned business and we design & ship all our products from California.